Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark of the Moon

I saw Dark of the Moon yesterday afternoon and really had a great time.  It was a fun movie and if you love Transformers you will enjoy this movie. It is however, a Michael Bay Transformers movie so it is not perfect and has plot holes and character flaws.  The action was fun and I thought it was good summer movie.  It didn't beat the original Transformers, but definitely better than Revenge of the Fallen.

Now for the characters and their toys.  I usually don't collect the movie-verse figures unless I feel they can fit in with the classics that I already collect.  The exception is Sideswipe.  I have both his original mold and the DOTM MechTech version.  After seeing the movie.  I think I want the Wreckers.  They were awesome and look great.  However, I only want the weaponized modes.

Currently want: Deluxe Topspin

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not a huge fan of the movie-verse toys, but...

I am not a huge fan of the movie-verse look of the toys.  I did collect all 5 of the original Autobots from the first movie, but the toys were kind of shabby so I basically skipped out on the entire Revenge of the Fallen line. The one exception is Sideswipe. I picked up the original Wave 1 Sideswipe and love the character. Figure was pretty cool.  I picked up the Dark of the Moon Sideswipe and think that the figure is once again, OK. The improved some of the things from Revenge of the Fallen but seemed to have left a lot to be desired.

However, I am drawn to the Wreckers deluxe figures of DOTM. I like Topspin, but I want to wait to see if the bring out a weaponized version of him. Could pick these up, but I have to debate on whether I should wait and see if Generations brings out anything new.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Botcon 2011

I do not have the means to make it to California, but the pictures from Botcon are pretty cool. Hasbro people are saying that RTS Windcharger and Solar Storm Grapple might be coming to the US. I'm really hoping for this as my collection is done until some more "Classic" like figures come out.

I am also curious how much the Amazon Exclusive Unicron is going to be. I may break my rule of $20 limit per figure for that one and MP Rodimus.

If anyone happens to see any RTS figures out in stores, contact me at

Good Hunting!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here he is! Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

I hope he can still be configured into Hot Rod. If not, Rodimus Prime is still awesome.